death is not an escape

Death is not an escape

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Death is not an escapeExcerpt from a January 2020 talk during a seven day retreat in Bangalore.Share this Post

intersubjective nonduality

Intersubjective Nonduality

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Andrew talks passionately about Intersubjective Nonduality, the practice of which is the ultimate goal of Evolutionary Enlightenment.Share this Post

five obstacles

What happens when we put spirit first?

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A clip from the six part online teachingThe Five Obstacles to EnlightenmentAndrew speaks about wanting to be free more than …

Jon Darrall-Rew

Jon Darrall-Rew & Andrew Cohen

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A conversation with Jon Darrall-RewJune 2019Jon Darrall-Rew from the Shamballa School talks to Andrew Cohen about his life and work.


How has Evolutionary Enlightenment changed?

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The Ganga at RishikeshJanuary 2019Since my sabbatical, many people have asked me how the teaching has changed. What’s different about …

evolution enlightenment

The Evolution of Enlightenment

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The Foundation for Peace, Harmony and Good GovernanceThe Evolution of EnlightenmentOn his recent trip to India, Andrew was invited to …