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    The Magazine for Evolutionaries

    Between 1992 and 2011, Andrew Cohen and the EnlightenNext community published what became internationally acknowledged as the leading spiritual periodical of the time.

    The award-winning EnlightenNext (formerly What is Enlightenment?) magazine explored and defined a new approach to spirituality in the 21st century. Over nearly two decades of dialogue and enquiry with some of the world’s greatest thought leaders, EnlightenNext redefined spirituality for a whole generation of seekers.

    We are delighted to offer you, free of charge, the entire back catalogue of these groundbreaking publications.

Issues 24-47 (2004-2011)

  • EnlightenNext Issue 47
    Issue 47
    The Cosmic Dimensions of Love: exploring the hidden depths of the evolutionary process.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 46
    Issue 46
    Spring/Summer 2010
    Quantum Dreams & other strange things: have scientists finally solved the mystery of consciousness?
  • EnlightenNext Issue 45
    Issue 45
    Sep-Nov 2009
    The Evolving Faces of God: new perspectives on the meaning of spirituality for our time.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 44
    Issue 44
    June-Aug 2009
    Envisioning the future: what today’s brightest minds have to say about the road ahead.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 43
    Issue 43
    March-May 2009
    Sex: the good, the strange and the sacred. Parental Advisory: Explicit Content.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 42
    Issue 42
    Dec 2008-Feb 2009
    Evolution, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Culture: what does the future look like to you?
  • EnlightenNext Issue 41
    Issue 41
    Aug-Oct 2008
    Constructing the New Man: 4 unique perspectives on masculinity in the 21st century
  • EnlightenNext Issue 40
    Issue 40
    May-July 2008
    Welcome to the Center of the Universe: science zeros in on the cosmic significance of consciousness
  • EnlightenNext Issue 39
    Issue 39
    Feb-Apr 2008
    The Cosmos, The Psyche & You: an evolutionary vision for spirituality & psychology in the 21st century.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 38
    Issue 38
    Oct-Dec 2007
    Envisioning the Future of Ecology, Politics and Consciousness. The power of Integral Politics.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 37
    Issue 37
    Jul-Sep 2007
    Woman: a cultural, philosophical and spiritual exploration. The emergence of Integral Feminism.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 36
    Issue 36
    Apr-June 2007
    Searching for Utopia: Exploring Humanity's Timeless Quest for Heaven on Earth.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 35
    Issue 35
    Jan-March 2007
    The Mystery of Evolution: An Exploration of Where We Are and Where We're Headed.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 34
    Issue 34
    Sep-Dec 2006
    Fifteenth Anniversary Edition: Eckhart Tolle, Brian Swimme, Vimala Thakar and many more.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 33
    Issue 33
    June-Aug 2006
    God's Next Move: Exploring the Next Spiritual Revolution with Ken Wilber. James N. Gardner: The Biocosm.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 32
    Issue 32
    March-May 2006
    Death, Rebirth & Everything In Between. Mexico's Prison Saint. Do Animals Have Souls?
  • EnlightenNext Issue 31
    Issue 31
    Dec 2005-Feb 2006
    Spirituality vs Religion: Where do you stand. Reviving the Role of the Spiritual Master.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 30
    Issue 30
    Sep-Nov 2005
    Do You Want To Live Forever? Grappling with the Science and Ethics of Immortality.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 29
    Issue 29
    June-Aug 2005
    Who Are You? Science's Quest to Solve the Mystery of Consciousness. Plus Desmond Tutu interviewed.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 28
    Issue 28
    March-May 2005
    Will Big Business Save the World? Meet the unlikely heroes struggling to evolve the corporate machine.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 27
    Issue 27
    Nov 2004-Feb 2005
    Searching for Soul in Hollywood: The Celestine Prophecy and What the Bleep Do We Know?
  • EnlightenNext Issue 26
    Issue 26
    Aug-Oct 2004
    Is God a Pacifist? War vs Peace in a Post 9/11 World. Plus The Women Who Sleep With Gurus.
  • EnlightenNext Issue 25
    Issue 25
    May-July 2004
    Come Together! The Power of Collective Intelligence. Plus Howard Bloom and Peter Senge.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 24
    Issue 24
    Feb-Apr 2004
    Morality Bites! Searching for Ethics in a Postmodern Age.

Issues 01-23 (1992-2003)

  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 23
    Issue 23
    Spring/Summer 2003
    Can God Handle The 21st Century? Exploring the perils and potentials of the new millennium.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 22
    Issue 22
    Fall/Winter 2002
    Are You Ready To Change Now? Exploring the dynamics of human transformation.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 21
    Issue 21
    Spring/Summer 2002
    The Future of God: evolution and enlightenment for the 21st century.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 20
    Issue 20
    Fall/Winter 2001
    10th Anniversary Edition: celebrating 10 years of radical spiritual enquiry
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 19
    Issue 19
    Spring/Summer 2001
    Can Enlightenment Save The World? Bernie Glassman, Michael Lerner, Vimala Thakar and more.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 18
    Issue 18
    Fall/Winter 2000
    What does it mean to be IN THE WORLD but NOT OF IT?
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 17
    Issue 17
    Spring/Summer 2000
    What Is Ego? Friend or Foe...
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 16
    Issue 16
    Fall/Winter 1999
    Men's-Women's-Gay Liberation: how free do we really want to be?
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 15
    Issue 15
    Spring/Summer 1999
    The Self Masters: Are They Enlightened? Anthony Robbins, Jack LaLanne, Michael Murphy and more.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 14
    Issue 14
    Fall/Winter 1998
    What Is Enlightenment? Does anybody know what they're talking about?
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 13
    Issue 13
    Spring/Summer 1998
    What is the relationship between sex and spirituality? Tantra vs celibacy.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 12
    Issue 12
    Fall/Winter 1997
    The Modern Spiritual Predicament: an inquiry into the popularization of East-meets-West spirituality.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 11
    Issue 11
    Spring/Summer 1997
    Can Science Enlighten Us? Science, Spirituality and the Revelation of the Unknown.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 10
    Issue 10
    Fall/Winter 1996
    Women, Enlightenment and the Divine Mother: do women have the inside track on spirituality.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Issue 09
    Issue 09
    Spring/Summer 1997
    Is The Guru Dead? Questioning the "New Paradigm": an exploration of purity and authority in spiritual life.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 4 No. 2
    Issue 08
    Summer 1995
    A Revolutionary Change of Perspective: Impersonal Enlightenment.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 4 No. 1
    Issue 07
    January 1995
    Beyond the Boundaries of Tradition: Conversations on the Nature of Truth.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 3 No. 2
    Issue 06
    July 1994
    Come Together: Who Has the Courage to Stand Alone/Together in the Truth?
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 3 No. 1
    Issue 05
    January 1994
    Cynicism: The Modern Spiritual Predicament.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 2 No. 2
    Issue 04
    July 1993
    What is the Relationship Between Love and Truth?
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 2 No. 1
    Issue 03
    January 1993
    Descent from Heaven: The Last Frontier.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 1 No. 2
    Issue 02
    July 1992
    Corruption, Purity and Enlightenment: A Three-Part Article by Andrew Cohen.
  • What Is Enlightenment? Vol. 1 No. 1
    Issue 01
    January 1992
    A Passion for Death: An Interview with Andrew Cohen.