Manifest Nirvana

Manifest Nirvana

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In Manifest Nirvana we experience the consciousness of eternity.
Giving rise to Manifest Nirvana is the goal of Evolutionary Enlightenment.
Manifest Nirvana is a living, ever evolving intersubjective world space that we create together.

– Andrew Cohen

Help Build Manifest Nirvana!

Imagine an ashram or monastery – a place dedicated to our highest spiritual potentials – that exists in your very own living room!

In a postmodern culture that often fails to provide the spaces in which serious spiritual development can occur, there is a deep need for platforms that can help human beings gain access to the experience of enlightened awareness or “waking up”, and to place that experience in an “Integral” developmental context.

MANIFEST NIRVANA: a virtual home for sovereign souls, radical spirits and integral pioneers, is a sacred space where we can come together – even from different places across the world – to meet, practice, and inquire together in the pursuit of collective conscious evolution.

This virtual space has grown directly out of the teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment. A small but growing international community of co-creators has gathered to develop and fundraise this project in order to create a non-localised platform to come together in pursuit of Evolutionary Enlightenment and nurture the ongoing emergence of intersubjective non-duality.

Using simple ZOOM technology, we are creating a future-orientated monastery or ashram made up of various virtual ‘rooms’:

  • A Teaching Hall: a formal room for the teachings of Andrew Cohen and selected guest teachers
  • A Meditation Hall: a silent space for meditation open 24hours
  • A Kitchen: a place to meet with friends for a coffee and chat
  • A Living Room: an informal space for conversation
  • A Study: for the formal practice of intersubjective dialogue
  • A Library: a place to read, listen and catch up on ancient, modern, postmodern and integral wisdom and the latest (r)evolutionary thoughts
  • A Gym: for yoga and physical training - because we are embodied beings!

Much like a vibrant ashram or monastery, MANIFEST NIRVANA will host various activities: a book club that meets in the kitchen, workshops related to developmental topics (for example Spiral Dynamics) and even short retreats.

It will be possible to participate in MANIFEST NIRVANA through various levels of engagement: casual visitors will be welcome to peruse the library, or join public teachings and scheduled meditation sessions, while those interested in committing more seriously to the community will be able to gain further access through a membership system.

For the past 6 months a small community of students of Evolutionary Enlightenment have been test driving a basic version of MANIFEST NIRVANA and have been deeply inspired by its potential! It is our experience that the online format allows us to dive into this deep, shared intersubjective field immediately and spontaneously, despite busy lives and relative limitations. It’s like having instant access to Heaven 24 hours a day – but a Heaven realm that we are co-creating, here and now, between us!

We are currently fundraising to develop this prototype into a fully functioning online home which can be visited and inhabited by Sovereign Souls, Radical Spirits and Integral Pioneers from all corners of the globe. Funds raised will allow us to develop the home’s complexity so that MANIFEST NIRVANA is able to accommodate various levels of engagement and commitment. It will cover the costs of a graphic designer and a developer to create a visually beautiful, accessible, dynamic and vibrant version of this basic, road-tested idea.

We can hardly wait to get this emergent co-creative intersubjective worldspace out there - MANIFEST NIRVANA will open its doors in Spring 2020!

If you’d like to support the project, please visit our Fundrazr campaign.