Andrew Cohen Teaches Evolutionary Enlightenment

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If nonduality could become the foundation of our shared human experience – the ground on which we meet – the world could be a radically different place.

—Andrew Cohen

Dates and Times of Teachings at the Manifest Nirvana Guesthouse, Gia Mantra Global Village

January 16th - 20th 2023
January 23rd - 27th 2023
January 30th - February 3rd 2023
EXTENDED: February 13th - 17th 2023
EXTENDED: February 20th - 24th 2023

Every day from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

WhatsApp +919363487713

As part of an inaugural series of events at the new Manifest Nirvana Guesthouse at Gia Mantra Global Village, Andrew Cohen is offering free masterclasses in his Evolutionary Enlightenment teaching.

There is so much misunderstanding and confusion about enlightenment and awakening to higher state experiences, and one of Andrew’s greatest gifts is to bring simplicity and clarity to this most complex and rarefied of all human adventures.

What does it mean to really live and breathe a spiritual path with authenticity and integrity? When we have a powerful awakening experience, how should we respond to what we have encountered? What are the implications of such an experience for our interactions with the world and other people? What does freedom mean in this context, and how do we access it?

In a spirit of deep spiritual enquiry, you are warmly invited to bring your most pressing, burning, urgent and challenging metaphysical questions. Come and be thrilled at how this process opens a portal in consciousness to new and deeper perspectives on the human experience.

Where to find us

Gia Mantra Global Village
Next to Murugan temple near SE Agaram village
Tamil Nadu 606603