What does God feel like?

Andrew Cohen Read

God is One. At the very highest level there is only one and not two. There is only that One without a second in all directions, everywhere and nowhere all at once. Only That, only God.

At the highest level there are no distinctions between one thing and another, or between here and there. Indeed there is no here, and no there. There is ONLY everywhere and nowhere as ONE indivisible WHOLE.

But when we step down even the very smallest measure from that absolute One, ONE suddenly splits dramatically and absolutely into TWO. One becomes both Being and Becoming, which includes everything that exists, and everything that does not exist.

That is the totality, the infinite. It includes both unmanifest Being and manifest Becoming. Both are absolute expressions of that One without a second.

Being and Becoming are two sides of the same coin. Unmanifest Being and manifest Becoming are that one without beginning or end. Becoming is the entire world of form going all the way back to the Big Bang. Being is the timeless, formless empty void or ground from which everything that exists in time arose.

Being and Becoming are one and not two, and yet paradoxically they are also two completely opposite expressions of God or that One without a second.

God is the very essence of both Being and Becoming. Human beings can experience the God essence as a felt vibration at the level of both the Soul and the Self. But Being and Becoming have very different qualities as felt vibrations of the God essence.

As Being, the vibration is one of unimaginable and overwhelming peace and bliss. Peace is the pristine nature of the void as empty being itself. As Becoming, the felt God vibration is one of ecstatic urgency; the pulsation of the creative energy driving the entire evolutionary process.

In this way God as both Being and Becoming is felt very differently: either as the peace of empty being or the ecstatic urgency of manifest creative becoming. Once again both are equally God, that one without a second. Yet once we step down even the smallest degree from Absolute Oneness, His felt form and expressed nature are experienced as polar opposites.

Knowing the absolute nature of who and what we are is profoundly important. It’s important because through the discovery of our absolute nature we find the door to our own liberation. We find the direct experiential answer to the ultimate questions about existence, about the mystery that transcends life and death.

When we know the answer to the question of “Who am I?”, not only intellectually, but as a direct feeling and knowing, this changes everything. In the midst of what can otherwise seem ordinary or mundane, feeling these God currents as vibrations of our own non-relative or absolute nature is the biggest wake up call that there is.

Feeling these cosmic vibrations pulsating right in the center of our very hearts and minds changes everything; these metaphysical vibrations awaken us to the truly multidimensional and infinite nature of what can otherwise seem merely ordinary.

The oppressive sense of being trapped in a biological prison and three-dimensional worldspace is simply blown to pieces by this experience. This happens right in the depth and immediacy of our conscious awareness. How do I know this? Because I FEEL it right here, right now, in my own body-mind as the vibration of God Consciousness.

The quickest route to these kinds of self liberating God affirming experiences is to yearn for them more than anything else.

Yearn for God as Peace through meditation.

Yearn for God as Bliss by concentrating wholeheartedly on the feeling of Being which is the life vibration pulsating in your own mind and body in every single moment.

Yearn for God as the Evolutionary Impulse by giving yourself wholeheartedly to the life process in the act of taking responsibility for who you really are.

You ARE the energy and intelligence that created the universe and that is co-creating it right now in the subjective field of your own self-reflective awareness, through the choices you make and the actions you take in every moment.

Feel how free you are in your moments of greatest inspiration and creativity. Allow yourself to give your gifts in earnest. Discipline yourself to make the noble effort necessary to liberate yourself from inertia, doubt and any irrational refusal.

Truly God wants nothing more from any of us. But in order to do this we have work to do.

We have to be willing to let go of all of our self-limiting ideas and beliefs, both personal and cultural. Personal means our unhealed unconscious wounds. When undetected, they will sabotage our highest instincts. Cultural means our unexamined modern and postmodern worldviews. When undetected, they will blind us from seeing, knowing and feeling the deeper metaphysical dimensions of our own being.

Finally we have to be willing to give in to the upward pull of Spirit. This means surrendering the agenda of our small self without ifs, buts, or maybes.

In the end this only takes the love of God, deep faith in our own potential, and the readiness to work hard and make sacrifices – even if that only means resisting the inevitable onslaught of doubt and fear that arises when the door to the infinite suddenly and unexpectedly opens before us.

God is ONE, both Being and Becoming.

Become One with who you already are. Get there by riding the waves of peace and the vibrations of ecstasy all the way to yonder shore.

Then you will truly be living for God and no longer for the small self. You will have joined the great adventure as the very one who started it all in the first place. That’s when you are truly born again.

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