Modernism and Idealism in the Land of the Buddha

Andrew Cohen Read

Reflections on my recent trip to the MotherlandIndia has always been the most intriguing and mysterious country, and remains so …

Eternal Journey

Our Eternal Journey of Becoming

Andrew Cohen Read

A meeting with PrabujiI recently returned from India where I was leading a five day retreat in Bangalore. While there …

Nothing To Something

Evolutionary Enlightenment: Nothing to Something

Andrew Cohen Read

Evolutionary Enlightenment is focused on the manifest, active, creative expression of enlightenment…The teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment is about the profound …


The Paradox of Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen Read

How much effort do you have to make if you want to be free?My Guru HWL Poonja was a Master …


The Call for Community comes from the Soul of the Universe

Andrew Cohen Read

Come together, come together…When I was a young seeker after spiritual liberation I was a solo act. There was no …