Weekend Retreat in Werkhoven, Netherlands



Weekend Retreat in Werkhoven, Netherlands

March 23rd - 24th 2019

Awakening a Vision to Transform the Future...

During these two days, Andrew will take us on a thrilling journey of awakening to the fundamental principles of his seminal teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

The retreat will include:

  • A deep dive into the unique metaphysical perspective of evolutionary non-duality.
  • The crucial role that evolutionary non-duality has in enabling us to live a spiritual life in the world without compromise.
  • The profound distinction between Being and Becoming.
    How and why the state of meditation and the state of enlightenment are one and the same.
  • An exploration into the nature of suffering, and why coming to a deep understanding of its role in the human experience is so fundamental in the quest for enlightenment.
  • A deep examination of why a “process perspective” is an essential foundation for taking the leap into the experience of intersubjective non-duality or what Andrew Cohen calls a “Higher We”.
  • A discussion about the pivotal role that fellowship or community plays in the path of radical transformative spiritual practice.

Much time will be devoted to explaining and clarifying what a truly Evolutionary and Integral context for the spiritual adventure is, and why it is so essential at this time in history. There will also be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers – all participants will be able to address their personal and metaphysical questions to Andrew in depth.

Please come with an inquiring mind, an open heart, and a willingness to trust in our individual and collective potential to take big and life-changing leaps forward.

What's included?

  • Two days of tuition with Andrew Cohen

    Each day will include meditation, teachings and extensive Q&A sessions

  • Excellent Vegetarian Meals

    1 breakfast, 1 dinner, 2 lunch and coffee/tea in the breaks

  • One night accomodation in the beautiful Samaya retreat-place

    Choose between single or double room


Hollendewagenweg 20
3985 SG Werkhoven

More information about the venue is available on the website:


Tuition (including meals and accomodation):

Single accomodation: $464.00

Double accomodation: $520.00


Saturday 22nd March

9:30 doors open
10.00 retreat starts

Sunday 23rd March

Retreat ends at 5pm

More detailed schedule will be communicated at the retreat.

If you have any questions please
contact us by email.

Please register early, as spaces are limited.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund if cancelled 60+ days prior to Retreat
50% refunded if cancelled 30+ days prior to Retreat
25% Refunded if cancelled 7 days or more prior to Retreat

What people are saying

Evolutionary Enlightenment was the recognition of my own deeply felt truth. Awakening to the absolute is one thing – staying awake and becoming a conscious agent of evolution takes something else. Andrew shook me up by detecting a flaw in my thinking that I didn’t realise was there. I had lost my ability to totally surrender. The Universe needs me to want to be here – I can embrace this fully now. Thank you Andrew for unwaveringly following your calling. Andrea, Netherlands
Reading Andrew's brilliantly written book "Evolutionary Enlightenment" took me on a wild journey beyond time and space, and helped me to envision an extraordinary collective future. But his physical presence at a recent teaching enabled me to reconcile the relative mortal self with the eternal Self Absolute, as partners in the bliss of infinite creativity. This wonderful, unique and very simple fusion of radical teaching and deep meditation changed my perception about dealing with daily life forever!Henk, Netherlands
With Evolutionary Enlightenment, Andrew Cohen continues where other Advaita teachers stop. His unique way is an integration of Being and Becoming. All that sitting on a cushion and tuning in to the silence and the void is beautiful. But there is more. Beyond the silence, we are also the relentless momentum of creation itself. Silence is no longer an end in itself, but a way of tuning in to that which longs to manifest through you. After numerous journeys with so many teachers, deep inside I can sense that this is so true.Erica, Netherlands

Hollendewagenweg 20

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Ticket TypePriceSpaces
Retreat with accomodation in single room$520.00
Retreat with accomodation in double - room
price per person