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Second Tier Leadership


Harness the power of radical self enquiry, somatic quieting and conscious intention to transform your leadership potential.

April 18th-26th 2020.

An austere mountaintop hideaway in Northern India is the setting for the most radical and revolutionary business and leadership retreat you’ll ever attend.

April 18th-26th 2020.

An austere mountaintop hideaway in Northern India is the setting for the most radical and revolutionary business and leadership retreat you’ll ever attend.

A journey beyond limitation towards authentic creative freedom – a freedom that is alive with meaning, purpose and thrilling evolutionary potential...

The future will be a time of unprecedented change. We can no longer cling to old certainties – they are fast disappearing, and change is the new normal. If you are in a position of leadership – whether the context is business-driven, political or humanitarian – there has never been a more challenging time in history.

Economic instability, shifting geo-political power, climate change and environmental destruction, migrating populations  – this complex interplay of variables is creating enormous pressure at all levels of life and work. 

It is increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to predict where we are all headed. In this new environment, effective leadership will become ever more important and in demand, but how do we lead in the face of such uncertainty?

Return to Zero

Leadership has traditionally been successful when it steers teams or individuals to the next certainty, the next clear goal. But what happens when we operate under the assumption that things are constantly in flux? How can our approach best respond to these new conditions?

In this seven day intensive retreat, we will embrace – and begin answering – these and many other vitally important questions and challenges for leaders from all areas of life and business. At the end, you will come away with a completely new perspective on leadership, and a new set of agreements that you can apply to the particular challenges that you have set out to confront.

But in getting there, we will take a radically different approach. Your journey towards these new perspectives and agreements will not begin with knowledge. It will not begin with new information or data of any kind. In fact, it will not begin with the mind.

In the minimal surroundings of the SIDH retreat centre, set against the magnificent austerity of the Central Himalayas, we will take you back to zero. Using somatic quieting techniques developed over thousands of years, with powerful and experienced teachers as your guides, your awareness will return to the existential ground of being itself.

By letting go of all expectations, knowledge and preconceptions, by returning to zero and discovering the fertile ground prior to thought, we will gain access to an unlimited wellspring of creativity that exists within all of us.

We will approach the very cliff edge of consciousness, and jump out into the void. From here, the adventure begins.

Second Tier Leadership

In an ever more complex and turbulent world, Second Tier Leadership aims to embrace – and find solutions to – the most important questions for leaders from all areas of life and business.

The Second Tier Leadership framework defines nine distinct attributes of a great leader. It is designed for those who want to gain an understanding of what great leadership really entails, and how better and more enlightened leadership qualities can be developed.

Developing these skills and attributes can enable you to find your own answers to some of the biggest questions you will face as a leader:

  • How does effective leadership work in the challenging and unpredictable complexity of the modern world?

  • How can we enable and encourage positive transformation in our teams and in ourselves?

  • How do we hold multiple perspectives without being overwhelmed by seemingly irreconcilable contradictions?

  • How do we courageously stand up for the highest values, and lead with strength and compassion towards a better future for ourselves, our children and the world?

  • How can we use our own power wisely while empowering others at the same time?

  • How do we honour and integrate other perspectives and remain open to the potential for a higher synthesis of values and viewpoint?

  • How can we cultivate and maintain focus and clarity?

The Nine Attributes

Focused • Creative • Empowered • Authentic • Inclusive • Courageous • Transformational • Listening • Trustworthy


Second Tier Leaders are awake and focused. This means to be conscious and clear about what is needed, to approach everything with conscious intention, and to make choices in alignment with that conscious intention. This creates a vertical energy, an ascending drive towards the future while being rooted in the present moment.


Second Tier creativity does not emerge merely from what is already known, but is rather the ongoing discovery of that which is as yet unknown, unseen and unmanifest. It draws upon one's existing resources and talents, but is not limited by them, arising instead from a fathomless depth that cannot be grasped by the mind. It is spontaneous and free flowing, finding its own course like water running down the side of a mountain.


Second Tier leaders can more fully feel, embody and celebrate their own power and sense of self-efficacy. This power can span the whole spectrum from bold and outrageous to soft and subtle. They can blend their powers hierarchically with the power of others in creative and collaborative ways. They can create an energetic wake that naturally brings people to act in line with a common purpose. They encourage a dynamic balance of support and challenge that facilitates creative action.” – Wayne Carr


Authenticity in Second Tier is much more than simply being honest, or “being yourself”. It is the discovery of a deep alignment with the life process itself – the direct, unfiltered expression of the creative impulse, the perennial force that gave birth to the universe. The authentic Second Tier leader sees him or herself as an integral part of that vast cosmic process, an expression of the creative impulse in human form.


Second Tier Leaders embrace a developmental perspective and have a deep understanding and appreciation of the stages of human development. They have integrated these stages within themselves, enabling them to interact and respond in a way that allows people at different stages of development to be truly seen and understood.


Second Tier Leaders aim to be fully conscious of the way things actually are right now. They want to see reality as it is, however imperfect, to be able to access the most helpful conclusions. They do not avoid difficult truths or complex problems. They don’t look away, but instead gaze directly and consciously into the darkest corners. By not overlooking the sometimes uncomfortable truths that affect decision making and forward movement, they can embrace both a rational and intuitive sense of what is happening.


Second Tier leaders always look for the next positive step. They actively seek out change and evolution. They want to ascend, and find ways to make things better. Second Tier leaders do not fear change, even when it is challenging. Change is embraced as a means to grow. The goal is never to coast on existing successes, but rather to find constant evolutionary flow, improvement and transformation.


Second Tier Leaders learn to be excellent listeners. They are able to completely suspend the usual habits of reaction and judgment. They are listening not only to the words that are spoken, but also to the spaces between the words, to consciousness itself. By learning to listen in this way, by reaching beyond the rational mind, they can access insights which seem miraculous.


Above all else, the Second Tier leader trusts in life and the essential goodness of the life process, and consequently has a natural inclination to make people feel trusted. The Second Tier leader expresses a trusting and trustworthy attitude and perspective through action, by demonstrating high ethical and moral standards. Through setting such an example, trust between co-workers becomes deep and reciprocal, and working with others becomes a joy.

Your Guides


Daniela Bomatter

Daniela Bomatter is an independent business consultant with over two decades of experience as CEO and director of some of Switzerland's most influential and admired companies.

From 2013 to 2016 she was CEO of SwissEnergy, part of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. SwissEnergy was set up to promote knowledge and competence in energy issues while providing a vessel for market testing of innovative ideas in the energy sector.

Daniela has developed a groundbreaking leadership model that takes her breadth of business experience and combines it with Ken Wilber’s integral theory, and a deep understanding of Spiral Dynamics – the theory of human and cultural development pioneered by Clare Graves and Don Beck.

Second Tier Leadership is about far more than business management. It is a developmental framework that functions as a kind of life practice for anyone who wants to discover depth and meaning, and apply a growth mindset to all aspects of their life and experience.

Daniela now works at the cliff edge with middle and C-level executives, helping to solve management and project management challenges by analyzing the situation and developing fast and pragmatic solutions.

She also leads workshops and lectures on Second Tier Leadership around the world, and works closely with spiritual teacher and cultural visionary Andrew Cohen, her mentor and guide for the past 15 years.


Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher, author, cultural visionary and inspirational speaker. His work has been acclaimed by luminaries from all walks of life, from academics to philosophers to spiritual pundits.

Andrew has become known for his willingness to boldly cast aside the sacred cows of the spiritual world. His work grapples with demystifying the wealth of knowledge found in the great wisdom traditions, and with making enlightenment deeply relevant to a post-modern Western audience.

In his three decades of teaching and lecturing, he has developed a unique and powerful vision for a truly contemporary spirituality, integrating evolutionary theory and developmental practice with the timeless wisdom of the perennial philosophy. Departing radically from a traditional Eastern approach, Evolutionary Enlightenment calls not for transcendence of the world, but for a deep and heroic responsibility for its evolution.

From 1991 to 2010 he was the editor-in-chief of the award-winning EnlightenNext magazine, a widely cherished publication that explored the deepest existential questions of our time with some of the world’s most noted thought leaders. He has engaged with thousands of people worldwide, evolving his teaching in response to direct dialogue with students, business leaders, teachers, scholars and philosophers.

Uniquely in the field, Andrew reaches out far beyond the normal confines of the spiritual world, finding audiences from a diverse range of work and life circumstances. He sees the transformation of leadership as critical to the shaping of a new and positive future for human beings in the 21st century and beyond.

More Info & Booking

Seven Day Intensive Leadership Retreat
Kempty, Northern India
Special Pilot Group Price

$2560 $1500


Who is this for?

This retreat is for managers and leaders from all walks of life, in public or private positions, who are ready to let go of conditioned and habitual thinking and discover their deepest untapped capacities for positive change and evolution.

Surrounded by the magnificent austerity of the Central Himalayas, and in the most basic and minimal of environments, you will learn deep somatic quieting and self-enquiry techniques that will help you to develop your leadership qualities and take the leap into Second Tier consciousness.

What will you get?

  • In-depth introduction to somatic quieting with meditation, contemplation and yoga
  • In-depth introduction to the Second Tier Leadership framework
  • Development of leadership skills with a highly personal and specific focus
  • Guidance from two master facilitators
  • North Indian meals
  • Accommodation in gender separated dormitories
  • Stunning landscape with opportunities for long walks and contemplative reflection
  • Return home with new set of personal agreements

The SIDH complex in Mussoorie, and its dormitory accommodation, has been consciously chosen for its ascetic simplicity. Taking part in this retreat will challenge you to let go of fixed ideas and conditioned thinking, and we encourage all participants to embrace this monastic environment in a spirit of relinquishment and renunciation.

Dates & Venue

April 18th-26th 2020
7am – 9pm daily

Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas (SIDH)
Kempty, Dawla
Uttarakhand 248179

For Indian Visa information, please visit follow this link to the Government of India website.


$2600 $1890 per person

This special price is available only for our inaugural Second Tier Leadership event. The price includes eight days of expert tuition, accommodation, meals, and transportation from your Dehradun hotel to the SIDH Campus. The price does not include flights.

Seven Day Intensive Leadership Retreat
Kempty, Northern India
April 18th-26th 2020

$2600 $1890


Daily Schedule

April 18th

Arrival in Dehradun, one night at a Dehradun Hotel

April 19th

Breakfast followed by transportation to SIDH Campus (3 hour drive)
Lunch at SIDH Campus
First session begins at 4pm

April 20th - 25th

7:00am: Yoga
8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Talk and discussion with Andrew Cohen
11:00am: Break
11:30am: Talk and discussion with Daniela Bomatter
1:00pm: Lunch
4:00pm: Leadership workshops
7:00pm: Dinner
8:00pm: Meditation

April 26th

Transportation to Dehradun airport or Dehradun


Want to know more?

Why not request a call to get a more comprehensive overview of the retreat? Our lead facilitator Daniela Bomatter will be happy to take you through exactly what to expect, answer questions for corporate teams, and talk about any technical or logistical issues you may have.

Address & Map

Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas (SIDH)
LRC, Kempty Uttarakhand

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Second Tier Leadership Seven Day Retreat $2600