France July 2019

Seven Day Retreat in France: Awakening a Vision to Transform the Future


La Ferme du Plessis

Seven Day Summer Retreat 2019

France, July 31st - August 8th 2019

Earlybird from €750/$860


Immerse yourself in the teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment
With Spiritual Teacher Andrew Cohen

Do you yearn for spiritual depth and purpose? Do you long for authentic wisdom transmission, and friends to share your spiritual journey?

If you're inspired by Evolutionary Enlightenment and would like to explore these teachings in greater depth, join us in France for seven inspired days of teaching, meditation and contemplation.

When we try to embrace the spiritual life in earnest, too often we find ourselves getting lost in the endless distractions of modern life. Now more than ever, it’s almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the limitations of time, and our seemingly infinite obligations.

In this intensive retreat, we will provide the all-important space that is free from all distractions. We will create the conditions that will allow us to sink deeply into the timeless depth of the ground of being. We will dive directly into the source of meditative awareness, and experience the overwhelming peace that “passes all understanding”.

Once we have made that momentous leap beyond the chaos and conditioning of our troubled hearts and minds, together we will explore what it truly means to be free. Established in this new understanding we will then awaken to the unfettered creative fire of the evolutionary impulse. To live the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment means nothing less than awakening to the profound truth that we are the very impulse that has created and is still creating the entire universe.

The recognition of this truth always has a dramatic impact on how we live our lives. Once this has happened, we can no longer just sit back and let God do his work. Now we are called from the deepest part of ourselves to take responsibility in a new way for how we move forward.

To become inspired and conscious co-creators of our own destiny is the goal of Evolutionary Enlightenment. From this new perspective, we find ourselves immersed in the experience of an unprecedented freedom - a freedom that comes from being deeply aligned with the evolutionary process in all its potential for beauty, truth and goodness. We discover a deep compulsion to spiritually evolve and develop, and a freedom to love and embrace the totality of life with all our heart and soul.

What's included?

  • Seven full days of tuition with Andrew Cohen

    Each day will include meditation, teachings and extensive Q&A sessions

  • Accommodation and all vegetarian meals

    Accommodation is available in either twin or four bed rooms

  • The calm and quiet of a spiritual sanctuary

    The retreat takes place at a beautiful retreat center in Pontgouin

The retreat takes place at a beautiful retreat centre in Pontgouin, which is 1.5 hours drive from Paris.

Accomodation and vegetarian meals are included in the price. For French language registration please follow this link.


Early Bird Price

Twin bed room: Tuition incl. accommodation and vegetarian meals: $1020 / 890

Four bed room: Tuition incl.  accommodation and vegetarian meals: $860 / 750

Standard price 

Twin bed room: Tuition incl. accommodation and vegetarian meals: $1200/ 1050

Four bed room: Tuition incl.  accommodation and vegetarian meals: $1050/ 920


The doors open at 6:30pm on Wednesday July 31st. The first short session with Andrew will begin at 8:30 pm, and you'll be informed of the ongoing daily schedule during the retreat.

The retreat ends after breakfast on Thursday August 8th. There will be plenty of time to hang out afterwards and engage with other participants about your experiences on the retreat. If you have any questions please contact us by email.

Cancellation Policy:
Full refund if cancelled 60+ days prior to Retreat
50% refunded if cancelled 7 days or more prior to Retreat.
No refunds if cancelling with less than 7 days prior to Retreat.

Evolutionary Enlightenment was the recognition of my own deeply felt truth. Awakening to the absolute is one thing – staying awake and becoming a conscious agent of evolution takes something else. Andrew shook me up by detecting a flaw in my thinking that I didn’t realise was there. I had lost my ability to totally surrender. The Universe needs me to want to be here – I can embrace this fully now. Thank you Andrew for unwaveringly following your calling.Andrea, Netherlands
As a scholar, I live in a world where people are passionate about articulating the nature of the dual world. Andrew Cohen is different – he is pioneering the articulation of the non-dual and the inter-penetration of these two realities. There is quite simply no other teacher who can do this right now. In a loud and confusing spiritual marketplace, Andrew is the real thing. His transmission will change your life forever, if you let it.Sally, USA
With Evolutionary Enlightenment, Andrew Cohen continues where other Advaita teachers stop. His unique way is an integration of Being and Becoming. All that sitting on a cushion and tuning in to the silence and the void is beautiful. But there is more. Beyond the silence, we are also the relentless momentum of creation itself. Silence is no longer an end in itself, but a way of tuning in to that which longs to manifest through you. After numerous journeys with so many teachers, deep inside I can sense that this is so true.Erica, Netherlands

La Ferme du Plessis
Retreat Center

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Ticket TypePriceSpaces
Early - Bird 2-bed room MEN$1,020.00
Early - Bird 2-bed room WOMEN$1,020.00
Early - Bird 4-bed room MEN$860.00
Early - Bird 4-bed room WOMEN$860.00