New Year Retreat

Three-day New Year Retreat in La Ciotat (South of France)


Three-day New Year Retreat in La Ciotat (South of France)

4th Jan 2018 6pm – 7th Jan 2018 5:00pm


New Year is traditionally a time when we give renewed priority to our highest aspirations. What could be a higher priority than our own spiritual evolution?

When we try to embrace the spiritual life in earnest, too often we find ourselves getting lost in modern life’s endless distractions. Now more than ever, it’s almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the limitations of time, and life’s seemingly infinite obligations.

In this three-day intensive retreat, we will provide the all-important space that is free from those distractions. We will create the conditions that will allow us to sink deeply into the timeless depth of the ground of being. Having arrived there, we will aspire to awaken to the unfettered creative fire of the evolutionary impulse, which is the goal of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

To live Evolutionary Enlightenment means nothing less than awakening to the profound truth that we are the very impulse that has created and is still creating the entire universe.

The recognition of this truth always has a dramatic impact on how we live our lives. Once this has happened, we can no longer just sit back and let God do his work. Now we are called from the deepest part of our selves to take responsibility in a new way for how we move forward.

We become inspired and conscious co-creators of our own destiny. From this new perspective, we find ourselves in the experience of an unprecedented freedom, a freedom that comes from being deeply aligned with the evolutionary process in all its potential for beauty, truth and goodness. In this we will discover a compulsion to evolve, and a freedom to love and embrace the totality of life with all our heart and soul.


Thursday 4th January 6pm : dinner and first teaching at 8:00 pm

Friday 5th January 9:30am  – 12:30am  / 3pm – 6pm Meditation, Talks and Dialogue

Saturday 6th January 9:30am  – 12:30am  / 3pm – 6pm Meditation, Talks and Dialogue

Sunday 7th January 9:30am  – 12:30am  / 2:30pm – 6pm Meditation, Talks and Dialogue

Practical Information

Please bring your own Safu’s if you would like to sit on the floor.


Retreat (excl. meals and accomodation)  : 285 Euro

Accomodation at Villa Solaré is already full, but there are many hotels and airbnb nearby.

Vegetarian Meals: 40 Euro per day (3 meals and snacks during breaks)

Please note, French text and registration for the event can be found here:


Live French translation will be provided.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund if cancelled 30+ days prior to Event.
50% refunded if cancelled 7 days or more prior to Event.
No refunds if cancelling with less than 7 days prior to Event.


Villa Solaré
387 avenue du Peymian,
13600 La Ciotat


Zero Gravity
387 avenue du Peymian
La Ciotat 13600

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