Nagpur Leadership Seminar

Rewiring your leadership DNA


Rewiring your leadership DNA

for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CXOs & Business Leaders

With Daniela Bomatter & Andrew Cohen 
10th November 2019 10am-6pm

Earlybird ₹2000


The future will be a time of unprecedented change. We can no longer cling to old certainties – they are fast disappearing, and change is the new normal.

If you are in a position of leadership – whether the context is business-driven, political or humanitarian – there has never been a more challenging time in history.

Economic instability, shifting geo-political power, climate change and environmental destruction, migrating populations – this complex interplay of variables is creating enormous pressure at all levels of life and work.

It is increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to predict where we are all headed. In this new environment, effective leadership will become ever more important and in demand, but how do we lead in the face of such uncertainty?

Leadership has traditionally been successful when it steers teams or individuals to the next certainty, the next clear goal. But what happens when we operate under the assumption that things are constantly in flux? How can our approach best respond to these new conditions?

In this two day seminar, we will begin to embrace and answer this and many other vitally important questions and challenges for leaders from all areas of life.

  • Blending Vedantic philosophy with Western leadership science
  • Attain growth along with happiness
  • Go from small to big
  • Kickstart your jouney from being to becoming

The Second Tier Leadership system aims to embrace – and find solutions to – the most important questions for leaders from all areas of life and business. It is designed for those who want to gain an understanding of what great leadership really entails, and how better and more enlightened leadership qualities can be developed.

Developing these skills and attributes can enable you to find a pathway through some of the biggest challenges you will face as a leader.

  • How effective leadership works in the complexity of the modern world
  • How to enable positive transformation in ourselves and our teams
  • How to courageously stand up for the highest values
  • How to use power wisely and compassionately
  • How to honour and integrate other perspectives
  • How to cultivate and maintain focus and clarity

Daniela and Andrew on Leadership

Dates, Time and Cost

Sunday 10th November 2019

10am - 6pm

Normal price: ₹4500
Earlybird ₹2000 ($30.00) per person including lunch

Address and Booking

Hotel Nagpur Ashok
Hotel Nagpur Ashok, West High Court Road,
Nagpur Marahashtra 440022

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