intersubjective nonduality

Intersubjective Nonduality: Live Online Teaching


Intersubjective Nonduality

A two hour teaching with Andrew Cohen
Sunday 18th August 2019

$0.00 - $50.00


One of the most important contributions that Andrew Cohen’s revolutionary teaching has made to postmodern spiritual culture is the discovery of a completely new, emergent dimension of enlightened consciousness.

Andrew calls this new dimension Intersubjective Nonduality

In teachings of enlightenment, the experience of nonduality, found in deep states of meditation, is the discovery that there is only one. In these profound altered states, the illusory boundaries of the separate self dissolve and fall away. Time and space disappear, and there is no longer any distinction between subject and object.

The revelation of nonduality is that the ultimate nature of all things – seen and unseen, known and unknown – is one and not two. From this perspective, there is only unconditional and infinite freedom.

But in traditional teachings, the experience of nonduality – of enlightened awareness – is entirely subjective.

In Evolutionary Enlightenment, we discover that the experience of enlightened awareness can miraculously transcend the boundaries of subjective interiority. Through the developmental group practice of Intersubjective Nonduality we can access the mind of enlightenment itself in relationship with others.

Learning how to access this awakened field of shared consciousness is a cornerstone of Evolutionary Enlightenment. The practice of intersubjective nonduality allows us to have direct access to the ascending drive of the Evolutionary Impulse, as it communicates with itself through us, as us.

In this mind-expanding two hour teaching, Andrew Cohen will show you why it’s absolutely critical at this time in history for awakened men and women to be able to access this new and emergent dimension of enlightened awareness.

Andrew will show you how, through simple but powerful practices, we can all learn to communicate directly from the mind of enlightenment itself.

The teaching will cover the following questions:

  • What is Intersubjective Nonduality?
  • How do we begin to access this new and emergent dimension of consciousness?
  • How can we deepen our experience of Intersubjective Nonduality in our spiritual practice?
  • What are the implications of this new consciousness for self and culture?
  • What is the true significance of spiritual friendship in radical or transformative spiritual practice?

Andrew Cohen introduces Intersubjective Nonduality

Date and Time

This is a live online teaching. It will take place via Zoom video call on

Sunday 18th August 2019

8am PST • 11am EST • 4pm UK • 5pm CET • 8.30pm India


There are three price options for this event:

  • Concessions for students and unemployed (proof of status may be requested)
  • Standard price of $25.00
  • Support option of $50.00 if you'd like to support Andrew's work


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The event will include:

  • Two hours of teaching with Andrew Cohen

    Including one hour of in-depth one-to-one Q&A

  • Free recording of the webinar

    To download and watch whenever you want a refresh

  • Like-minded people

    Connect with a growing community of serious Evolutionary Enlightenment students and adepts

  • Facebook discussion group

    Share your experience with new spiritual friends

What people are saying

Andrew Cohen's teachings are brilliant in their simplicity. I have been a spiritual seeker for 25 years, and have experimented with multiple teachings. I find Andrew's approach, temperament and commitment to be not only powerful, but also fully approachable. His dual approach of merging traditional spiritual teachings with evolutionary spirituality cuts through much confusion and distortion. Andrew Cohen is a truly inspiring teacher.Rudy
As a scholar, I live in a world where people are passionate about articulating the nature of the dual world. Andrew Cohen is different – he is pioneering the articulation of the non-dual and the inter-penetration of these two realities. There is quite simply no other teacher who can do this right now. In a loud and confusing spiritual marketplace, Andrew is the real thing. His transmission will change your life forever, if you let it.Sally
I feel a deep sense of honor and joy having been a part of Andrew's first Evolutionary Enlightenment online course. His stable and enlightened presence allows room for the full discovery of me in a relative sense and also provokes an ongoing and living desire in me for true freedom and liberation. Karen
Evolutionary Enlightenment was the recognition of my own deeply felt truth. Awakening to the absolute is one thing – staying awake and becoming a conscious agent of evolution takes something else. Andrew shook me up by detecting a flaw in my thinking that I didn’t realise was there. I had lost my ability to totally surrender. The Universe needs me to want to be here – I can embrace this fully now. Thank you Andrew for unwaveringly following your calling. Andrea
Reading Andrew's brilliantly written book "Evolutionary Enlightenment" took me on a wild journey beyond time and space, and helped me to envision an extraordinary collective future. But his physical presence at a recent teaching enabled me to reconcile the relative mortal self with the eternal Self Absolute, as partners in the bliss of infinite creativity. This wonderful, unique and very simple fusion of radical teaching and deep meditation changed my perception about dealing with daily life forever!Henk
With Evolutionary Enlightenment, Andrew Cohen continues where other Advaita teachers stop. His unique way is an integration of Being and Becoming. All that sitting on a cushion and tuning in to the silence and the void is beautiful. But there is more. Beyond the silence, we are also the relentless momentum of creation itself. Silence is no longer an end in itself, but a way of tuning in to that which longs to manifest through you. After numerous journeys with so many teachers, deep inside I can sense that this is so true.Erica

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