Evolutionary Enlightenment Self-study Course

Evolutionary Enlightenment: A 12 Part Self-Study Course


Evolutionary Enlightenment

A 12 Part Self-Study Course

What is this course about?

Over a period of four weeks, via 11 downloadable self-study video recordings, Andrew Cohen will take you on a thrilling journey of awakening to the fundamental principles of his seminal teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment

The course will include:

  • A deep dive into the metaphysical perspective of evolutionary non-duality.
  • The role that evolutionary non-duality has in enabling us to live a spiritual life in the world without compromise.
  • The profound distinction between Being and Becoming.
  • How and why the state of meditation and the state of enlightenment are one and the same.
  • An exploration of the nature of suffering, and why a deep understanding of its role in the human experience is so fundamental in the quest for enlightenment.
  • A deep examination of why the process perspective is an essential foundation for taking the leap into the experience of intersubjective non-duality or what Andrew Cohen calls a “Higher We”.
  • A discussion about the pivotal role that fellowship or community plays in the path of radical transformative spiritual practice.

We will send you the first session right after you register for the course. After this you will get a new one hour teaching video every three days until you have all 11 parts. 

Each part will introduce you to a different aspect of the teachings, and taken together the course will offer a comprehensive overview of the fundamental priciples of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

You can watch each episode in your own time, and in addition you can sign up for a live Q&A with Andrew Cohen once a month, representing the 12th part of the course.

The information about and link to register for the Q&A will be sent to you once you subscribe for the full package.

Self-Study Course Curriculum

being and becoming

Session 1


A profound grasp of the meaning of non-duality is the very foundation of any authentic mystical perspective. The direct realisation of non-duality or Absolute Oneness is both elusive, and profound beyond measure.

In Evolutionary Enlightenment non-duality is recognised to have two paradoxical qualities. Being is the timeless, formless ground of all-that-is, the felt experience of Peace. Becoming is the felt experience of evolutionary urgency. Being and Becoming together represent the metaphysical totality of everything, both manifest and unmanifest.

What is the relationship between these two apparently paradoxical facets of Absolute Oneness? We will explore this question in depth, both philosophically and as direct experience.


Session 2


In the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Clarity of Intention is the very foundation of spiritual practice. Cultivating the desire to be spiritually liberated more than anything else is the fulcrum around which the spiritual life turns.

But what does it really mean to want to be free more than anything else? What are the implications for the lives we are already living? We will explore the profound transformative power of this principle from multiple perspectives.


Session 3


The Buddha's first Noble Truth is the truth of suffering. Pain and misery, both physical and emotional, are perennial facts of life for virtually all sentient beings, and agonising existential suffering is a postmodern epidemic.

The quest for spiritual enlightenment is often motivated by a desire to escape from suffering. Only by fully facing into the seemingly unbearable nature of this truth will we be able to aspire for spiritual liberation while embracing the totality of our humanity.


Session 4


The Buddhist two truths doctrine states that there are two fundamental dimensions of reality. One is absolute and one is relative.

The absolute exists beyond time, space and mind, and is the ultimate transcendental context. The realisation of this is the source of spiritual liberation or enlightenment. The relative is the entirety of all manifestation, evolutionary becoming and everything that emerges from it: quarks, atoms, molecules, planets, galaxies, plants, animals, humans, cultures and worldviews.

The absolute is the infinite and indestructible context in which everything that can be seen, felt, touched and thought appears. The relative is the ever-expanding context of relatedness that evolution has given rise to.

The attainment of spiritually-awakened clarity depends upon the deepest grasp of the distinction between these two truths.


Session 5


Meditation is the practice of transcending the mind and conditioned thought process. Through mastery of meditation we can directly discover the primordial source of unconditional freedom.

The consistent practice of meditation reveals to us a unique opportunity to cultivate radical autonomy and independence, not only from the relentless torment of our minds and emotions, but also from the time-bound experience of incarnation itself.


Session 6


The Buddha was once asked whether associating with like-minded people was part of the Holy Life. His answer was that associating with like-minded people is the whole of the Holy Life.

We will discuss in detail why the cultivation of spiritual friendships and communion based upon shared higher values and aspirations is the most potent catalyst for inner development and perpetual evolution.

How do we bring the challenging ideals of spiritual community into the cultural tumult of the 21st century?


Session 7


Clarity of Intention • The Power of Volition • Face Everything and Avoid Nothing

The first three tenets of Evolutionary Enlightenment provide a complete teaching. When practiced with sincerity, the first three tenets can show us the direct path to right action, spiritual independence and true integrity.

Together, the first three tenets challenge us to ask the question: if we sincerely aspire to be free here and now, what is the right relationship to our mind, emotions and life choices?


Session 8


The Process Perspective • Cosmic Conscience

The fourth and fifth tenets call us to heroically embrace an Evolutionary context and a Kosmocentric perspective in relationship to our personal experience and within the human experience as a whole.

They point us far beyond the small-minded, self-centred world of the separate self or ego, directly revealing the bright-awake-ecstatic energy and intelligence that drives and animates the creative process.


Session 9


The emergence of intersubjective non-duality is one of the most important contributions that Andrew Cohen’s Evolutionary Enlightenment teaching has made to postmodern spiritual culture.

This is when the experience of enlightened awareness transcends the boundaries of subjective interiority and becomes the intersubjective ground through which we can communicate with each other, directly from the mind of enlightenment itself.

It is the awakened field of shared consciousness through which the ascending drive of the Evolutionary Impulse communicates with itself through us, as us.


Session 10


To awaken to the Evolutionary Impulse is to have a directly felt experience of the energy and intelligence that created and is creating the universe. Its nature is to endlessly give rise to ever greater levels of complexity and wholeness.

The Evolutionary Impulse is the utopian drive that animates the entire cosmos. Its nature is an inherent perfection that endlessly strives to give rise to that perfection, in and as the material universe, through the messy creative process of manifestation and emergence.

How do we consciously awaken to this thrilling impulse that is the beating heart of the cosmos?


Session 11


When we first awaken to higher states of consciousness and begin to experience the unconditional freedom of the ground of being, we see for the first time that we have unknowingly been prisoners of our own mind. We recognise the conditioned ways of thinking that we have unconsciously absorbed from culture.

These experiences awaken us to possibilities of change and higher developmental potentials that we never imagined possible. They can profoundly threaten the status quo not only of our own minds, but also of the world around us.

What is the significance of this countercultural awakening to the evolution of culture itself?


Session 12


An opportunity to engage in a live discussion with Andrew Cohen.

Put your questions directly, discuss the issues that will almost certainly arise as you work your way through the sessions, share your experiences, and hear the experiences of others on the course.

To make the most of your self-study journey, we wholeheartedly encourage you to sign up for this live Q&A. There is no substitute for direct engagement with an authentic spiritual teacher!

What's included?

  • 11 teachings with Andrew Cohen

    A video recording of each teaching to download and keep, offering a complete and in-depth introduction to Evolutionary Enlightenment

  • Private Facebook group

    You'll have exclusive access to a private group where you can meet and discuss with past and present course alumni

  • Opportunity to join one Q&A session

    Once a month Andrew will offer a live Q&A session to discuss your questions about Evolutionary Enlightenment

Frequently asked questions

What people are saying after attending the online course...

As a scholar, I live in a world where people are passionate about articulating the nature of the dual world. Andrew Cohen is different - he is pioneering the articulation of the nondual and the inter penetration of these two realities. This is the ultimate truth, and only very rare human beings can speak of it so eloquently. Andrew delivers this knowledge with an exceptional level of clarity, presence and inspiration. He is steeped in the perennial philosophy and authentic lineage, and yet he brings a contemporary and evolutionary new edge to that which is forever true. There is quite simply no other teacher who can do this right now, with the level of precision and beauty that Andrew offers. In a loud spiritual market place that can be very confusing, Andrew is quite simply the real thing. His transmission will change your life forever - if you let it. Sally Adnams Jones PhD
I feel a deep sense of honor and joy having been a part of Andrew's first Evolutionary Enlightenment online course. His stable and enlightened presence allows room for the full discovery of me in a relative sense and also provokes an ongoing and living desire in me for true freedom and liberation. Karen Gordon
Andrew Cohen's teachings are both brilliant and powerful in their simplicity. I have been a spiritual seeker for the past twenty five years of my life and have experimented with multiple spiritual teachings ranging from the practices of Don Miguel Ruiz, Eknath Easwaran, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ken Wilber, Gempo Mertzel, Craig Hamilton and Jeff Carreira. I find Andrew's approach, temperament and commitment to be not only powerful, but also fully approachable. His dual approach of bringing more traditional spiritual teachings and meshing them with the ascendance of evolutionary spirituality creates a body of work that cuts through much confusion and distortion. Andrew Cohen is a truly inspiring teacher that inspire both with his fierceness and his humor. I look forward to learning and growing with him for many years to come.Rudy

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