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Exploring the Evolution of Enlightenment


Studio Vidéolam

Amid the overwhelming confusion and craziness of today’s world, how can we even begin to make a difference? How can we inspire and create new solutions, and take greater responsibility for where we are going?

Andrew Cohen reminds us that it is not only possible, but essential, to embrace the complex challenges of this turbulent moment in history from a deeper, spiritually awakened and inspired part of ourselves. His Evolutionary Enlightenment teaching offers a completely new way to understand our experience, and it is available here and now, in every moment, within each and every one of us.

When we discover this for ourselves as a felt experience, we begin to see everything through a very different lens. Through this lens, we become aware of a much larger process in which we potentially play a very significant role. We discover a much deeper self-sense that Andrew calls the Evolutionary Impulse.

When this deeper self-sense and impulse is unleashed within us, we realise that it is not separate from the very energy and intelligence that created the universe. It is an ecstatic urgency that compels us to want to make this world a better place simply because we are here.

This discovery shatters our previously limited sense of self, and the new energy that begins to course through our veins is liberating and deeply empowering. In an instant, we are no longer holding ourselves apart from life and the cosmos. We are miraculously inspired and compelled from the deepest part of ourselves to create a better future for all of life.


Friday June 21st 2019 Satsang  20-22h  20€

Workshop Saturday June 22nd – Sunday June 23rd 2019 :  160€  two days, 85€  one day only

Drinks offered. Direct Translation to French.

You can buy your tickets directly here



Vendredi  21/06 soir Satsang 20-22h. 20€
Atelier Sam 22/06-Dim 23/06 . 150€ les deux jours, 80€ la journée
Boissons offertes. Traduction française en directe




Studio Vidéolam
36 Rue Emile Decorps
Villeurbanne 69100

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