Awaken into Action: An Evening in Lille


Maison Petrowsky

Awaken into action: interior work versus activism

An evening with Andrew Cohen

As a species, we are facing overwhelming challenges: climate change, political turmoil, overpopulation, hunger, poverty and potentially even our own annihilation. Many highly respected scientists and thought leaders tell us that unless we act now the future is profoundly bleak.

When facing such great upheaval, some in the spiritual world say that the time for inner work is over – only taking urgent action will offer us any chance of saving ourselves and the planet.

In these dark times, it’s all too easy to forget how far we have actually come. While we cannot afford to be complacent, it’s important to remember the extraordinary progress we have made. Despite the challenges, the creative potential we have to catalyse great and positive change, both individually and collectively, is enormous.

But we need to ask ourselves: what is the deepest reason for our current predicament? It is not ill will that drives the issues we face, but rather human ignorance. The problem of ignorance is always answered through the cultivation of higher consciousness, so ultimately the choice between interior work and activism is a false one.

There is always farther to go in solving the problem of human ignorance, and the more profound the challenge, the deeper the answers must be. To find creative solutions, we need to discover a way to reach far beyond our personal dramas and egoic self-concern. We need have deep and consistent access to the source of creative inspiration itself.

Evolutionary Enlightenment is a spiritual teaching that asks each and every one of us to awaken to the deepest and best part of ourselves – and shows us how to actually do that. Only by continuing to work on the evolution of consciousness in ourselves, by evolving consciousness beyond ego, can we hope to find an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration, meaning, and purpose that will give us the strength and courage to confront all of these immense challenges.

Lille Program

Wednesday 14th March 2019  8pm – 10pm CET Teaching and Dialogue (Doors open at 7:45pm)

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La Maison Petrowski
9 rue à Fiens
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Maison Petrowsky
9 rue à Fiens

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