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Victoria and Ron Friedman featuring Andrew Cohen in Stamford Connecticut

In the midst of the confusion and craziness of today’s world, many of us ask ourselves the all important question: how can we contribute to new solutions? How can we take responsibility for where we are going? Most importantly, how can we develop our capacity to embrace the ever complexifying challenges of this unique moment in history from a deeper, spiritually awakened and ever inspired part of ourselves.

Andrew Cohen will guide us through some of the fundamental principles of Evolutionary Enlightenment. He will explain how we can look at the human experience through a very different lens: the lens of a consciousness that has been awakened to the compelling thrill of evolution. Through this lens, we begin to see a much larger process in which we potentially can play a very significant role. Through this lens, we discover a much deeper self sense that he calls the evolutionary impulse.

This impulse is not separate from the very energy and intelligence that created the universe.The experience of this impulse is an ecstatic urgency that compels us to want to make this world a better place simply because we are here. Its discovery is both liberating and deeply empowering because once awakened we find ourselves inspired from the deepest part of ourselves miraculously compelled to create a better future for all of life.

The emergence of intersubjective non-duality is one of the most important contributions that Andrew Cohen’s Evolutionary Enlightenment teaching has made to postmodern spiritual culture.

This is when the experience of enlightened awareness transcends the boundaries of subjective interiority and becomes the intersubjective ground through which we can communicate with each other, directly from the mind of enlightenment itself.

It is the awakened field of shared consciousness through which the ascending drive of the Evolutionary Impulse communicates with itself through us, as us.

Ron and Victoria Friedman have been innovators and pioneers in this emerging field and will guide participants into the living experience of intersubjective non-duality.

Day Flow

9:30            Participant Arrival

9:50            Ron and Victoria                         Welcome – Day Flow – Introduce Andrew

10:00          Andrew talk

1:00            Lunch (buffet)

2:00           Vistar Method Dialogue

3:15            Break

3:30            Andrew Q & A

5:00            Ending


Ticket incl vegetarian lunch : 99$

Cancellation Policy:
Full refund if cancelled 30+ days prior to Retreat.
50% refunded if cancelled 7 days or more prior to Retreat.
No refunds if cancelling with less than 7 days prior to Retreat.



Stamford Connecticut (we will send the address a few days before the event).

Address on Registration
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Stamford Connecticut 06907
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