London Retreat July 2017

Evening Talk and One Day Retreat in London: 14th-15th July 2017


Grange Strathmore Hotel

On July 14th, Andrew returns to London to give his first public teaching in the UK since 2013.

On Friday evening, he will speak a little about his recent experiences, and how the crisis in his life and teachings is giving rise to a new perspective. Andrew is deeply committed to an unflinching examination of the role of the teacher-student relationship in the light of his own journey, but there is also a broader scope to this enquiry.

This unique relationship has the potential to give rise to extraordinary spiritual freedom in a mutual and self-reinforcing way. Yet simultaneously there is a need to look beyond our attachment to archaic and mythic thinking and perspectives.

How can this whole dimension of our experience evolve to meet the complex demands of the postmodern self, and of secular culture? Rather than knowing, Andrew is in the midst of a process in which he is reaching for answers.

On Saturday, Andrew will go into some of the essential principles of Evolutionary Enlightenment in more depth, and within that context show that enlightenment itself is evolving, including his own experience of it.

Andrew’s aim is to lead us into a direct encounter with the ecstatic depth of the enlightenment experience, and in doing so inspire the confidence and courage to trust one’s highest and deepest aspirations for what is possible.

Authentic spiritual courage gives us unprecedented access to emotional, psychological, and spiritual liberation. It unleashes a compulsion to consciously evolve, and to love and embrace the totality of life. From this new vantage point, we can become inspired and conscious co-creators of our own collective destiny.

There will be extensive question and answer sessions, and plenty of opportunity to ask Andrew directly about his journey and the teachings. This an open invitation to dive deeply into these questions together, in a spirit of transparent, focused and sincere enquiry.

London Program

We offer two options for Andrew’s London teaching:

Friday 14th July 2017  7pm – 9:30 pm  (UK Time) Open Evening (Doors open at 6:30 pm)

Saturday 15th July 2017  10am – 6pm  (UK Time) Full Day Teaching and Dialogue (Doors open at 9:30am)

On Saturday, teas and coffees will be served at the venue. There will be a lunch break between 1pm and 2.30pm, and there are plenty of good cafes and restaurants in the area.


Open Evening: $32 (≈ £25)

Full Day Teaching: $122 (≈ £95)

Evening and Full Day combined: $130 (≈ £100)

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund if cancelled 30+ days prior to Retreat.
50% refunded if cancelled 7 days or more prior to Retreat.
No refunds if cancelling with less than 7 days prior to Retreat.



Grange Strathmore Hotel
41 Queen's Gate Gardens
London SW7 5NB
United Kingdom

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