The Countercultural Implications of Radical Spirituality


An Evening near Ghent, 2nd March 2018

Today there are yoga centres on every High Street. Meditation and mindfulness are no longer countercultural. They are accepted and understood as being healthy and life-positive practices.

Yet even in this relatively new cultural world space, there resides a deep fear of what may happen if we go too far. We live in a postmodern “flatland” culture in which truly deep interiority is still perceived to be threatening. Despite our growing acceptance and appreciation of spirituality and interiority, they are nevertheless still seen as a threat to the status quo if taken too seriously.

But for spiritually inclined souls, to be unobstructed by the heavy shadow of cultural materialism is a huge and ecstatic relief. To be able to dive into profound and limitless depth, unconstrained by postmodernism’s irrational fear of anything too absolute, can be the door to liberation.

Radical spirituality is truly countercultural. It challenges everything we think we are, both personally and culturally. Through access to dramatic mystical episodes, we wake up and glimpse the shocking truth that for most of our lives we have been sleepwalking. We see how little of our relationship to life has been freely chosen. We see how deeply conditioned we all are and have been.

But living the spiritual life is not just about waking up to the deepest part of ourselves; it’s about staying awake to that part. Andrew Cohen offers a perspective that inspires us to awaken and respond to this deepest and best part of ourselves. He shows that it is possible not only to awaken to this depth, but to become so inspired by it that we remain there.

When we give ourselves permission to do this, the lens through which we see reality literally shifts to another dimension. Through this lens, we begin to see a vast cosmic process in which we play a very significant role; we discover and awaken to a much deeper self-sense that Andrew calls the Evolutionary Impulse.

When we awaken to the Evolutionary Impulse, the discovery is both liberating and deeply empowering. We are in touch with the creative energy and intelligence of the universe itself. Inspired from the deepest part of ourselves, we are miraculously compelled to create a better future for all of life.


Doors open at 7pm, Event starts at 7:30 pm


Evening Talk: $23 (20 Euro)

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Integral Edge (Belgium)
Kromvelde 19
9940 Evergem

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